Christmas Dinner

by Bear

Every year Mofur cooks a delicious dinner for Christmas Day.  I wanted to get her something special for a present, so I suggested that Boo, JJ, Magick and I cook dinner for her this year!!

Boo:  Dat a grate idear.  How we gets started?

Bear:  Wells, I gess we goze to da store an buys stuff.

JJ:  Wat we appose to buys?

Magick:  Oooh - I wanna buys sum mushmallows!!

JJ:  Wat mew gonna do wiff mushmallows?

Magick:  I gonna eats dem.  I luff mushmallows.

So, we all sat down and made lists of what we should buy. 
When we were done, we got into the car and headed for town.

Boo:  Heys Bear, how comes yu  alla time drifes?

  Cuz I da bestest drifer!!

Boo:  Hmmmph!  Dat yur opinyun.

(an itz MY car - he he he)

When we got to the store, we each took a cart and went about filling them.  After we paid for our treasures, we met in the parking lot and went home.

Bear:  Brrr - it shure wuz cole out dere.

Boo:  It wuz worf it. Luk at all da gud stuffs I buyed.  Ham, turkey, chickie, an sweet taters, an candy, an cake, an pie!

Bear:  Dat so furrny.  I buyed da eggsack samest fings!

JJ:  Wells, I buyed sum sammons, an toona,s an perchers, an snappy fishies!

Magick:  Lookie here.  I buyed dese bigg corns,
a lofe a bred, an sum creamy cheeze!  (an mushmellows, snikker:)

Boo:  Wat yu gonna make wiff dat?

I gonna makes sum creamy cheeze cornbreds like Meowmie is alla times make.

  Gud idear.  Is mew noze how to makes it?

Magick:  I not shure, but I fink I ken figgurs it out.  I gonna put da corns on da bottom ob da pan, den I gonna put da creem cheeze on da bread an put da bread on toppa da corns an bakez it.

Bear:  Okays, dat make sense.....(or doze it?) hmmmm

JJ:  So wat is we do now?

  Led's jess put it all in a bigg pot an cuk it on da stobe.


Boo, JJ and I cut up all of our ham, and turkey, and chicken, and various fishies, and sweet taters, and put it all in a big pot and started cooking it.  Meanwhile, Magick went off by himself to make his cream cheese corn bread.  I must say the aroma coming from the  kitchen was powerfully delicious!

(What a mess Magick made and look at JJ! - he must think its nips:)

About then, I heard one of my parents say, from upstairs....

So, I figured dinner must be done.

Bear:  Heys Mofur, heys Fafur, we haff a surprize fur yu!

As they came down the steps, we took the cover off the Dutch oven.  I must admit that it didn't look like I thought it would,

(do dem be fish fins? dat dang JJ)

and Magick's cream cheese cornbread didn't look like anything I'd ever SEEN!

(Some of it even popped - he he he)

Mofur:  Oh, you kids are so sweet to cook dinner for us, but Fafur and I had a great big lunch, and we're really not hungry.

Fafur:  (cough, gag, cough cough gag)

Mofur:  (to Fafur - quiet, that isn't nice) and to us - Why don't you kids just enjoy it.  I can see how hard you worked.


we ate it all, even Magick's weird cream cheese corn bread and he shared the bag of marshmallows that he bought with the rest of us.

Boo:  Dat wuz reely gud.  I sooooo full!

Magick:  mmmttttoooffff

JJ:  Magick, take da mushmellow outta mewr mouf afore mew mews!

Bear:  Ya noze wat!  I fink we shud makes a yearly tradishun outta dis, 'cept nex year we wills make shure dat Mofur an Fafur isn't  eats sech a bigg lunch an ken eats din din wiff us!


Bear, Boo, JJ an Magick an our Meowmie an Daddy!

Magick:  burrrrrrp -  oops, eggscuse me